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Economy | Westwood Village

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States.  Economically the county of Los Angeles outperforms most nations ranking 16th as a leading world economy.  The population of Los Angeles County is about 9,700,000 according to the 2003 census reports, which represents 30 percent of California’s population. 

Los Angeles County, with its desirable Pacific Rim gateway, is a key commercial and business center in the US market.  There are six airports in Los Angeles, three ports and two rail carriers.  The ports of Los Angeles rank second in the nation and are one of the busiest in the United States.

Westwood Village is a leading entertainment and commercial sector in the greater Los Angeles area.  Surrounded by other such prominent Los Angeles communities such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, the Wilshire Corridor, Pacific Palisades, Marina del Rey, Century City, Brentwood, and Culver City - Westwood is a perfect location for residence, business and entertainment.  Westwood Village is zoned C-4 setting limitations on certain uses such as auto repair businesses and pool halls and serving the community population by attempting to maintain the character of this municipality.  The result is a commercial area that intends to consider its more upscale economy.

Another plus for the Westwood Village economy is its proximity to the ocean.  Just about 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean, this area is provided the cool breezes and more desirable moderate temperatures.  High temps in July are around 77 degrees with low humidity and in the winter months you can expect temperatures in the upper 50's. 

On top of all that, Westwood is home to one of the worlds most respected universities, UCLA.  Since 1929, UCLA has served Westwood Village and the surrounding communities by hosting fine cultural events, providing quality professional programs and world-class research and medical facilities.  UCLA has brought to the community from its strong population the revenues that help many of Westwood's businesses thrive.

We can't discuss the Westwood economy without noting that as L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world, it is of interest that Westwood Village is where Hollywood gives the world it's first peek at the latest releases by hosting movie premieres in some of Westwood's most special unforgettable movie theatres.

With all its unique blendings of culture, history and people, Westwood Village can not be called a college community, a business center, an affluent community or even a cultural hub - but rather exists as all of these, coming together to create one special neighborhood village.


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